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What People are Saying

Markus has a unique way of making even the darkest areas and situations look optimistic. I know I'm not the only person who values Markus’s input, guidance, and honestly - especially when brutal because his words and advice are undoubtedly laced with kindness and warmth. Markus has to know how powerful he is!  I'm grateful all around,  I can’t thank him enough for his kind words and I'll work on recognizing my strengths.




I had a great and much needed tarot card reading with Markus.  I left feeling positive, empowered a little overwhelmed, but excited! I am always blown away by our sessions.  If you haven't scheduled a tarot card reading with him you MUST! He isn't going to sugar coat anything, he is very honest and kind.  He will tell you things you want to hear, and most importantly things you may not want to hear. His statement, "I guide, you decide" is something I think about before and after my readings and always holds true. I've known Markus for over 20 years and I am so lucky to have him in my life.  Thank you Markus for your guidance and friendship!!

Ruth L.


In May of this year my daughter gave me a gift certificate for a reading with Markus Harrington. I have to say it turned out to be one of the best gifts I've ever received! At the time I was looking at making some important decisions about my life's purpose. During that first meeting I felt extremely comfortable talking with Markus, he is easy to talk to and shows genuine concern. Most importantly he is honest and tells like it is! I admire his integrity, sensitivity and sense of humor! I continue to  to consult with him and feel privileged to call him friend! With Christmas coming I know what I want to ask Santa for !!!

Deb T.


The information and guidance Markus provided me has been absolutely accurate. He knew so much about me and about my was just amazing! Things unfolded just as Markus said they would.

Kristine R.



I first met Markus by happen stance at Taproots Bookstore. I skipped the gym and went to the bookstore looking for a stone and found Markus (who wasn’t supposed to be there) instead.  I had an impromptu reading and have found his readings to be uncannily accurate. 

Markus reads with love, gets straight to the point, and has a great sense of humor.  I’m a very skeptical person and everything that Markus had told me has been “spot-on.” He knew things that I’ve never told anyone and has been able to help guide me with compassion.  I had a reading with Markus last Wednesday in his home, which is light, bright, and full of loving energy. You should see his amazing plants!  He really is a wizard.

Markus mentioned that I would be having international opportunities coming my way and life would start changing quickly for me.  I wasn’t sure what he meant but I trusted this information. The very next day I received a LinkedIn notification from a woman at a university in Ireland and on Friday, the founder of a company in the UK reached out to me.  He explained that he would be in Boston next week for a conference and wished to meet me to discuss best-practices in the U.S. and the U.K.  We now have a meeting set up for next Friday and I have a feeling this is a guy who I’ve been waiting to meet.  ​

Markus will knock your socks off with his wisdom, knowledge, and guidance. His messages are clear and accurate. Sitting down with Markus is like sitting down with your best friend, having a cup of tea, and chatting.  The only difference is that you need not say anything, he sees and hears it all.  Markus has a real gift and I feel so blessed and am and honored that I had the fortune of stumbling upon meeting him at Taproots.  I’ve felt stuck for so long and now I’m excited to see where my journey will take me. One thing is for certain, thanks to Markus, I’m excited that it will be…in moving forward.  


If you’re looking for direction on your path, please call Markus. He’ll magically help guide you and illuminate your path.

Diana C.



Marcus reads with compassion and love. He is spot on with his insight. You will probably learn more than you asked for, but always something you need to know. Marcus is humorous, compassionate and truthful. He looks into your core and you will be happy he did.


Marianne M. 




From the moment you meet Markus, you sense that he can see and feel things that you can't. While nearly impossible to understand, his insight is profound, comforting and free of boundaries. I can only hope all that I have learned will come to fruition.


Peter R. 




I first met Markus at a spiritual store in West Boylston, MA. I was with my daughter who he tapped into immediately, discovering she shared the same birthday as his mother!! He led me to the perfect book I needed (still do) at the time and hit me with some stuff no one could've known without the "gift". All this without getting a formal reading!! Needless to say I scooped his card and recently set up appointments for me & my mom. 


Markus was the most gracious of hosts and his home is an absolute treasure, beautiful, cozy and filled with the most interesting converstaion pieces! The three of us talked as if we were old friends (which we most likely are!) and then he got down to the readings. Markus does more than just "read" the cards, his intensely intuitive nature, takes the participant on a soul search opening new doors in the heart and mind. I felt as though I was speaking with someone that genuinely cared and realizes the service he provides is an important one, touching lives in a unique and profound way.


I have been in touch with Markus several times (via email) and we have a pending date for special hike in the woods once the weather improves. You heard people come into your life for either a reason, a lifetime or a season? Well I know there was definitely a reason I met Markus and I'm hoping it's for more than a season...


Nicole L.




I have been connecting with Markus since the summer of 2008. 


I came through during one of my friends readings, and he told her, "your friend that's about to get married, but doesn't want to. Have her call me." I'm so happy I made that call! Even with all the miles between us, it has always been as if I'm right there in person receiving my reading. The number of times he has been on point, I've lost track of. He has helped me multiple times when I have felt lost, and needed to be guided in the right direction. 


I always feel better after I talk with him. He's very true and honest. A great person with a beautiful gift. I can only hope that one day, I too will become in tune enough with myself to help others the way he does. My life has made much more sense since we started talking 7 years ago. I can't wait until the day I get to visit and have a reading in person! A true person and friend.


Krysta C.




I have always been a little skeptical about tarot readings, not knowing if they really work or what to think of them. 


After meeting Markus a few times, he was always saying that I have so much going on within me and he was so interested in reading for me. Finally I decided to have my first reading done. Markus is a very funny, friendly outgoing guy,and a pleasure to be around. As I mentioned I recently just met Markus, so he really knew nothing about me. From the beginning of the reading, it seemed like he has known me my whole life, every card we pulled he was right on with my life, telling me stuff that I may have already known but did not focus on or acknowledge. He went into so much detail about everything, so it all made sense to me. 


Some of the stuff was about going forward and he was right on the money, he gave me some warnings, which made me nervous, but I knew I had no choice but to deal with them soon, again, he was spot on. I really enjoyed the session with him and I would love to have another one soon. He went above and beyond for the entire reading, taking time to answer any questions I had, and making me feel comfortable and satisfied. 






Markus is truly gifted. He is highly intuitive and in touch with the spiritual world around us. He radiates kindness, warmth, compassion, understanding, and positivity. I had the pleasure of meeting Markus during the summer of 2013 for a reading. I provided little identifiable information prior to the session, yet when I sat down with Markus, I felt like I was sitting with an old friend. He knew me better than I knew myself. I only realized this in retrospect. I have had several subsequent readings since that first visit in 2013 and he continues to help me with decisions and guidance as I continue this journey through life. "Be careful what you ask for" Markus once said to me. At the time I was struggling with a relationship and felt I needed answers. His intuition was correct and his aura helped calm my mind. He suggested that in order to truly find the answer to my question, I should send the question out into the universe. The following evening was the beginning of the Supermoon. He suggested I go down to the beach and meditate on the question and send that energy out into the universe. Eerily, I received an answer the next day through an inexplicable series of events that unfolded. The answer I was seeking could not have been more direct.


Markus is sincerely genuine. My experiences with him have been profound. Though there had been periods of time in between readings with him, on two separate occasions he reached out to me as he sensed something was wrong. Indeed, I was struggling with a few things in my life. This attests not only to his unique gift, but to his veritable character. He speaks from his heart and comes from a place of peace and love. He helped me find hope during the darkest hours when I thought all was lost. My words do not do him justice. I wholeheartedly recommend Markus and suggest you meet with him to experience it for yourself.


Chris B.




Markus has a way of making his clients feel like they are old friends. His readings are amazingly accurate and insightful. He will not tell you what you want to hear, but if you are ready for the truth then Markus is the one to go to. I have had the pleasure of knowing Markus for many years, and hope to benefit from his advice in the future. 


I am delighted to have him in my life.


Helen G.




My reading with Markus was amazing. He made me feel comfortable and at home so that I was at ease the entire time. His intuitive comments were spot on. The reading hit on so many areas in my life that had been troubling me, and in the end Markus's insight gave me a positive path forward. After Markus's reading I felt so much lighter and happier than I have in months, as if anything were possible. I recommend Markus to anyone who has deep questions and is ready to address them.


Randi R.




It has been said “You get what you need”…  and simply said… I did.


As life is; Parents pass away, children grow up, challenges are met, friends come and go - life changes – all while you still have both feet planted firmly on the ground and plenty to be thankful for - one ponders life at times.


Markus sat next to me at my table as if he were an old faithful friend (and gave me exactly what I needed)… how did he do that without knowing me?  I pondered that too during our time together…clearly it is with his gift. He is remarkably intuitive, spiritual and empowering all at the same time. His gentle yet enthusiastic way of sharing his ability to tune into your entire being seemed nothing short of a blessing to me. What a beautiful sense of clarity of life and faith I felt after our time together at the table. Moving forward I will learn from his intuitive directives and borrow from them on a daily basis -  he single handedly bequeathed me renewed peace and faith with new exciting directives as well.


Markus is a beautiful human being and I would recommend him to all who ponder. Bless you Markus.






My short meeting with Markus was, without exaggeration, one of the more profound experiences of my life. It is wonderful to feel known... seen... especially by a stranger. However, Sage Markus is nobody's stranger.






I first met Markus at the gym he and I both workout at. He seemed to have a kindness about him that drew me to him. A couple times he would come up to me with a random message that would intrigue me. When I discovered he did tarot readings I decided to book an appointment. I felt at ease in an instant and when he started to do my reading and explain what the cards meant I was even more intrigued and excited. He definitely was dead on on some things  and well the rest I will have to wait and find out how as they unfold. I could've talked with him all day. 


I have been to many psychics some are gifted some are not. Markus is one of the gifted. He goes above and beyond to make your reading totally worth it. I highly recommend him!






Talking with Markus was like talking with a friend I have known for years. Being at ease with him allowed me to hear his reading with a comfortable and open mind, something that has been missing in my tumultuous life for months. His reading, but more importantly the way he presented it, helped to put some center back in my core and clarity back in my mind. Markus used a fine balance of seriousness and humor. This worked for me and I sensed he absolutely knew that was what I needed. I felt a true sense of knowing and trust in his words. I look forward to the goodness that's about to enter my life. Before Markus I would not have believed that possible. The good has already begun!


Thank you Markus. 






I first saw Markus in August 2013 at a time when I truly needed to let go of some things, find hope, and open myself to the possibility of a new life. Seeing him was the best thing I could have done. Markus has a way of speaking to you directly and honestly from his heart, delivering powerful insights with love, light, and just the right amount of humor. He tells you what you to need to know even if it may not be what you wanted to hear and he tells you in such a way that your heart welcomes it and hears it in a way that you have never heard it before. He will focus on any questions you may have specifically and will not leave you hanging at the end of the session. 


I find my sessions with him inspirational, transformative, enlightening and incredibly helpful in guiding me along my path. He is truly gifted and I cannot speak highly enough of his ability, his personality and his gentle spirit. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment immediately. You will be so grateful that you did.


Kerrie M.




The first time I met Markus he totally caught me off guard by telling me a feeling he had that goals I set would happen by my birthday, I had told no one about these. During my first reading I was totally at ease, he was right on target for a lot of experiences I have had and where I currently am in my life. I am a poor sleeper due to stress, but after our reading, I have had a sense of calm about me and have slept great for the last 3 weeks. I am very happy to have met Markus, he is a remarkable genuine guy and I look forward to a continued relationship.


Maureen H.




Markus is simply amazing. The first time I met him,  even before I spoke a word to him,  he was able to specifically tell me what certain things were going on in my life, which I was stunned by. His readings and his ability to provide accurate and surprising insight into my past and current life has helped me to channel and steer my strengths and weaknesses into what lies ahead for me in the future.


Susi P.




Are you looking for a quick answer? You already know there are no such things.  


Are you looking for thoughtful insight? Someone with a true ability to see into your heart and your world? Someone to draw out with you, the journey of your life and the wonders to come?  Are you looking for a coach, who inspires your intuition, reinforces you and helps you recognize your strength to step forward again? If this is what you seek, you have found him..... enter into this world with Markus as your guide. You will be amazed and humbled!!!  He is awesome!!!!


Lyn M.




The first time I met Markus it was uncomfortable and unnerving because I felt as if we already knew one another. Markus does not simply "see into the future"- he innately understands with genuine warmth and kindness the essence of a larger perspective. His understanding transcends what we can see and touch and uncovers an understanding of that which we already know but for whatever reason forbid ourselves from seeing.  He will not offer you all the answers but he has the unique ability to guide you in a direction with a deeper wisdom and an appreciative heart.


Valerie S.




One of the best Tarot Readers there is if you really want a "reality check" for your life as well as one of the most talented Intuitives around. If you want to be guided in the right path in your life, take a ride with Corvus on the most enlightening, unique Spiritual Journey you'll have yet to experience.


Rev. Therese M. DeVoe Hps

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